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  The Best Movie
  I like to see movie so much.When I have time,the first thing I’d like to do is to find the hot movies and then buy some snacks,enjoying my movie hours.
  After appreciating so many movies,The Lord of the Rings impresses me the most.This movie has three series and I like them all.Though the movie was made in about 2000,its technology is still not out of date.In the movie,the scenery is so beautiful that I can’t move my eyes away.It was shot in New Zealand and I have made up my mind that I must go there someday and have a look at the beautiful scenery.
  The movie shows me a scientific world with all kinds of creatures.It broadens my vision.
  I Love Country Life
  I was born in the country,my family lived there before I was 6 years old.Then my parents moved to the city for their work,I had to stay away from my hometown.Though living in the city brings me a lot of convenience,and I eat the good food,I still miss country life all the time.I love to live in the country.
  Living in the country,the time seems to be very slow.I woke up early in the morning and then took the walk.After eating the breakfast,it was about 8 o’clock.I went out to play with my friends or went to help my grandparents with their work.After doing these,it was just 11 o’clock.But in the city,I woke up at 9 o’clock,and then I ate the breakfast,the rest of the day was to play computer.How time flies to me.
  I get so close to the nature and I find so much fun in the country life.I always want to live in my hometown.When I have the time,I will go back there and enjoy the moment.
  Strong Will
  Since I go to high school,I live in the school and stay away from my parents.
  I have three roommates.At the beginning,we have trouble in staying in the same room,but now we have got used to it.One of my roommates impresses me so much.Since she came to our room,she has kept the habit of reading novels when we go to bed.She told me that when she lived with her parents,she dared not to read because her mother would blame her for sleeping late.Now she is very happy that she is out of control,it seems that she is free.But I feel sorry for her,because she is short-sighted now.What’s more,she is lagging behind other students in the study.Staying away from her parents,she is not strong enough to behave herself.
  We should have the strong will and behave ourselves.
  The Changes of My Hometown
  My hometown is located at the outside of the city.
  I was born and grew up there.It was a little village with natural scenery of green mountains,a beautiful river and lovely village houses.In the summer,I liked to go to picnic under the mountain and swim in the river.
  But now my hometown has changes.The mountains were blown down to build the factories,and the river was polluted by the waste water from those factories.There are no more green mountains but the smoking factories.The water of the river turns black and stinks,and I can never swim in it again.The village houses are gone too,and the ugly storied houses with walls are instead.
  I don’t like the changes of my hometown,it is a polluted hometown.
  The People I Respect the Most
  The people I respect the most is my father.
  He is a doctor.He always busy with work.Since I could remember,he has never spent a whole weekend to stay with me.He goes to the hospital very early before I get up,and comes back home after I sleep.But I doesn’t matter at all.He is a hero to me.He devotes almost all the time to his patients,and many lives are saved.
  He always said,a man should have dignity,integrity,honor,and most of all,be helpful to others.This affected me deeply,so I work hard so that someday I can be the man like my father.
  Taking The Exercise
  Today,as the development of the electronic products,people like to use the electronic products very much.They count on these products because they are so convenient and funny.So people pay a lot of attention on the electronic products,and most people even don’t like to go out and they spend all the day playing the computer games.
  Staying too much time indoors is not good for people’s health,they need to walk out of the house and take the exercise.It is advised that we should take exercise for an hour everyday.We can take the jogging early in the morning or in the evening.We not only can take in the fresh air,but also can see the different scenery.
  If we take the regular exercise,we will keep the strong body and when are old,we can go any place we want to.
  Sports Meeting
  When autumn comes,I feel so excited,because the sports meeting comes.
  I like sports so much.When I was very small,my father took me to watch the basketball match.In the long time,sports have become part of my life.When I started to come to school,I join the basketball team.I had the great time to practice with my friends.
  Though high school life is very busy and I have to learn so many subjects,I still keep taking exercise everyday.Sports meeting time is my favorite time in the semester.I can take part in many activities,such as basketball and high jump.I am full of energy,I just want to enjoy the moment of taking exercise.
  Sports meeting indeed brings students many energy and make the students become active.They can also exercise their bodies.
  Stop Polluting the Water!
  Spring is the best season of a year.The weather gets warmer and warmer.My classmates and I took a one-day sightseeing tour around our city.The scene was very beautiful.But when we saw the rivers along our city,I felt very sorry and thought a lot.
  With the development of modern industry and agriculture,more and more waste is being poured into rivers.It has caused serious pollution.The rivers are becoming so dirty that nothing can live in them.The rivers are giving off a terrible smell.
  We make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with the situation.Our government should build various facilities such as sewage treatment plant and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce water pollution.
  Water is the source of our lives.It is very important to protect the water.
  The Sport I Like Best
  When talking about the sport,I will feel very excited,because I like sport so much.I love playing tennis,and it is my favorite sport.
  I remember one day when I came home after school,I opened the TV and watched a tennis match.At first,I was caught by the beautiful tennis women players.They wore the beautiful outfits.When I had been watching for ten minutes,I found the match was so excellent.From then on,I started to watch tennis match.I have learned the tennis,and I will call my friends to play with me when I have time.Now I am a big fan of the tennis match,I will watch the tour matches once I am free.
  My love to tennis is more than I could express.I am so lucky to have some friends who share the same interest with me.
  Ordinary Is Beautiful
  When we are very small,we dream to be the great person in the future,such as the scientist,the policeman and so on.
  It is good for the children to own the big dream,so that they will study hard and fight for their future.But the fact is that not all the persons can become the great person,and most people are doing the ordinary jobs.In my opinion,ordinary is beautiful,too.Though they are not doing the fine jobs,they find their own place and make a contribution to the world.Take the cleaner for example.They wake up early and do the cleaning work.People dare not to do the job because it is so dirty,but the cleaners decorate the city with their hard work.
  The cleaners are the ordinary people while doing the great job.